If you are tired of over promises only to be disappointed again and again, then now is the time to switch to Mono Broadband.

We offer reliable and fast internet from our access points directly to your home. While others may throw around fancy terms, Internet providers basically use the same technology.

What does differentiate us apart from the rest is we use high quality equipment, and we supply enough bandwidth so as not to cause the massive slow downs in your service during peak times.

We are so confident in our reliable and fast wireless internet, we offer a guarantee that others do not match. If in the first 30 days from service being turned on, if you are unhappy with your service, we will cancel your service, AND return 100% of our charges that you have paid. Now that's a guarantee!

All of our plans are high speed, low latency and come with UNLIMITED* usage with no slowing of service.

Our standard installation is only $149 (and backed by our 100% money-back guarantee).

And best of all, there is never a Contract period with our "standard basic plans".

If you are tired of the broken promises from the rest, now is the time to try the best!